Curious Dog Finds Abandoned Baby Moose, Immediately Decides It's His Best Friend  

When you give a moose a dog, he’s probably going to want to be best friends with it.

According to WGME, that is exactly what happened recently in Wallagrass, Maine, where resident Shannon Lugdon spotted a 6-day-old baby moose wandering around her wooded backyard early in the morning.

“Miss Maggie Moose was heard calling for her Momma around 5am Saturday. Around 1pm, we intervened to keep her from wandering into route 11. Two phenomenal wardens – Adrian and Nick – came over and we helped Miss Maggie back down to the brook in the shade. She spent the day wandering around by the brook and returning to the spot we think her Momma had left her,” Lugdon wrote on Facebook about her family’s first meeting with the baby moose, whom they named Maggie.

“The wardens asked us not to go near her for 24 hours, wild animals often leave their babies to eat, drink and rest. ‘Abandoned’ moose are rarely actually abandoned,” she added. 

The next day, Lugdon peeked out her window to look for 25-lb. Maggie where she last saw her and couldn’t find the little animal. Assuming that Maggie’s mom moose must have come and collected the baby, Lugdon let her dog Leo outside to do his business.

Leo, with his keen nose, sniffed out Maggie in seconds, finding her lying down in some foliage. According to Lugdon — who, with her family, promotes outdoor adventures in Northern Maine through Summer Camps and Guided Hunts at Lugdon Lodge on Eagle Lake — Maggie immediately took a shine to Leo.

“You can’t imagine how affectionate she was,” she wrote of the wild animal and her encounter with the dog.

For those who would have trouble believing Lugdon, she posted photos and videos of Leo and Maggie snuggling and playing. These snuggles eventually extended to the whole family, with the baby moose making the rounds to get pets from everyone you who entered the backyard.

Lugdon also fed the baby Lactaid based on the advice of a vet who told her that moose cannot handle lactose, reports Bangor Daily News.

Unfortunately, based on this behavior and the length time the baby moose was alone, it seems this animal may have been truly abandoned by her mother. But Maggie’s bad news ends there: Shortly after befriending the Lugdon family, Maggie was picked up by biologists and moved to Maine Wildlife Park, where she will be able to live her life in nature with other moose friends.


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