70 Pet Dangers You Can Avoid

Ticks and fleas are something to watch for when your pet spends time in the great outdoors. By: photogeider

We know our mammalian pets to be pretty rough-and-tumble — we generally give them free rein to lick, sniff, play with, tug at or sit on anything they’d like (except the white carpet). In fact, we film them doing unorthodox things all the time (see: YouTube).

But when we bring a cat or dog into our homes to join our families, beware the potential harm lurking around the house and beyond.

To help you out, we’ve provided a general list of pet dangers — and their potential consequences — you can avoid so your pet can live a carefree life.

Foods That May Cause Harm to Your Pets

1. Chocolate (respiratory problems, diarrhea and vomiting, general organ dysfunction, death)
2. Coffee grounds and beans (respiratory problems, similar effects of chocolate)
3. Chicken bones (choking hazard)
4. Avocado (digestive problems)
5. Grapes and raisins (gastrointestinal problems and kidney damage)
6. Fruit pits and seeds (choking hazard and other respiratory difficulties)
7. Chives, garlic, onions and onion powder (gastrointestinal problems)
8. Salt (large quantities can cause electrolyte imbalances)
9. Yeast and/or dough that contains yeast (stomach and intestinal problems)
10. Mushrooms (gastrointestinal problems)
11. Macadamia nuts (depression, weakness, vomiting)
12. Dairy products, like milk, cheese and butter (can affect digestive, nervous and urinary systems with symptoms of diarrhea and/or vomiting; some dogs and cats may be lactose intolerant — check with your vet before feeding any foods containing dairy)
13. Tomato plants, leaves, stems (vomiting, diarrhea, weakness)
14. Raw meat (potential bacteria ingestion)
15. Anything with mold growing on it (vomiting and diarrhea)

Keep your pets safe by removing potentially harmful plants from your garden and landscaping. By: sevenpixx

Outside Dangers

16. Various plants, including but not limited to aloe, holly, azalea, nightshade, buttercups and ivy (various effects)
17. Cocoa mulch (poisonous to dogs and cats)
18. Trash cans (mold ingestion and other bacterial risks)
19. Moving cars (possible bodily injury)
20. Damaged fences (choking, trapping hazard)
21. Wasps’ nests or anthills (painful stings or bites)
22. Antifreeze and other potentially harmful car drippings on the driveway (poisonous)
23. Ticks and fleas (discomfort, potential disease)
24. Plant pesticides (poisonous)
25. Slug and snail baits (poisonous)
26. Snow-melting salts (irritates paws and harmful to digestion)
27. String lights and holiday decorations (choking hazard)
28. Citronella candles (diarrhea, stomach cramping)
29. Blue-green pond algae (toxins may cause vomiting, diarrhea, shock, death, among other symptoms)
30. Swimming pool treatment supplies and chlorine (poisonous to vital organs)

Inside Hazards

31. Ozone-producing air purifiers (respiratory problems)
32. Cardboard (choking, intestinal hazards)
33. Glue (may cause a mass in stomach that may need surgical removal)
34. Reed diffusers (oil ingestion could lead to gastrointestinal problems)
35. Yarn or string or rubber bands (choking and asphyxiation hazard)
36. Rodent/vermin traps and poison (poisonous)
37. Glass-topped stoves (burn hazard)
38. Indoor plants (holy, mistletoe, lilies)
39. Flea-control chemicals (potentially toxic to cats and dogs)
40. Electric outlets and wires (potential electric shock)
41. Household chemical cleansers (poisonous, irritating to paws)
42. Ornaments, decorations, tinsel (choking hazard)
43. Nicotine (respiratory issues)
44. Mothballs (pesticides may induce vomiting, diarrhea, shock, coma, death)
45. Washers and dryers (drowning hazard, suffocation and burn risks)

Our pets need us to watch out for them. By: Vujke43

Potential Dog Park Debacles

46. Dog attacks/bites/aggression
47. Viruses
48. Parasites, such as heartworm
49. Dogs who are not spayed or neutered (unwanted pregnancy)
50. Foreign objects (another dog’s toy, trash, etc.)
51. Other humans letting dogs out of the park that are not theirs (risk of loss)
52. Small children (can get easily knocked over or attacked)
53. Extreme weather (heat stroke, frostbite, hypothermia)
54. Uneven ground, holes (broken bones, sprains)
55. Poisoned food (while rare, this has happened before)

General Things Your Pets Should Avoid

56. Rawhide dog chews (possible salmonella contamination)
57. Xylitol found in candy and gum (liver failure)
58. Elevated porches, patios, balconies (falling)
59. Plastic bags (suffocation, choking hazards)
60. Space heaters (burn hazard)
61. Gas fumes (suffocation hazard)
62. Batteries (poisoning risk)
63. Pantyhose (suffocation, choking hazard)
64. Hooks or other things that may snag a collar at the pet’s shoulder height (strangulation risk)
65. Open flames (burn hazard)
66. Ibuprofen (toxic, may cause stomach perforations)
67. Alcohol (hypothermia, seizures, respiratory failure)
68. Pennies (high zinc content could cause problems in the kidneys, liver, GI tract and red blood cells if ingested)
69. Essential oils (skin irritants)
70. Silica gels (can cause intestinal obstruction if ingested in large quantities)

This video offers a few more dangers you should watch out for when your pet’s around:

Although some items on this list are no-brainers and easy to avoid through the use of common sense, other seemingly innocuous objects can pose a threat to your pet’s health and happiness.

Make sure you can provide a safe, hazard-free environment for your pets by staying aware of these dangers, and feel free to add any other potential risks to this list in the comments section below.

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