Stolen Dog Thrown from Car Reunited with Owner

It was a wild ride for Tedge, but he is back in his owner’s arms.

According to Boston 25, the 1-year-old Chihuahua-Beagle mix’s owner, Theron Miller, is a Montana-based truck driver who takes the little dog on many of his hauls across the country.

Miller and Tedge were on one of these jobs last month when the dog disappeared. During the drive, Miller stopped in Everett, Massachusetts, for the night. The driver let the dog out to stretch his legs. Minutes later, Miller called for Tedge to come back to the truck and the canine was nowhere to be found. A thorough search of the area turned up nothing, so Miller spent the next few days frantically searching Everett for his friend.

What Miller didn’t know is that Tedge was scooped up from the area where he stopped his truck. The dog was allegedly stolen by an individual in a black SUV, who later carelessly tossed the little dog out of the moving vehicle’s window and onto a busy road.

Luckily, two animal lovers spotted Tedge on the side of Route 16. When Chris Desrochers and his friend Jamie found the rescue pup, the dog was severely injured. Desrochers made sure the canine got to Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital, where Tedge’s wounds were treated.

One injury, on a hind leg, was so severe that the hospital ultimately decided to amputate the leg.

According to the Boston Globe, Miller found out all of this when he was online looking up an animal control officer in Everett and came across a photo of his dog instead. For the past few weeks the pair have been separated while Tedge heals from his amputation surgery and other injuries, but on Monday the dog was ready to reunite with dad.

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The pair’s reunion was at the Everett Police Department in front of a crowd that included the mayor, press and plenty of well-wishers. The Everett Police Department wrote on Facebook that the case looking into who grabbed Tedge and cruelly tossed him aside is still under investigation.

For now, both Tedge and Miller are just happy to be on their way home together.

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