Oprah Video on How to Remove Dog Poop from Carpet

You get a stain removal secret! And you get a stain removal secret! We all get stain removal secrets!

We have talked about dog poop on PEOPLE before, but never quite like this.

For Vanity Fair‘s Secret Talent Theatre video series, THE Oprah Winfrey got real and shared her tried-and-true tips for removing dog poop from carpet.

After having 21 dogs throughout her life, the Wrinkle in Time superstar has seen her share of nasty business on pure, innocent carpeting.

In lieu of the down-and-dirty dog stuff, Oprah uses gravy and a piece of blindingly white shag for this segment, but there is no replacing her enthusiasm.

Her simple instructions, which include using club soda and dish washing liquid, are peppered with her signature squeals and interjections.

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Even if you have never shared a room with a dog in your life, we promise you will get something out of this video, even if it’s just a smile.

So watch the video above to learn another one of Oprah’s secrets, and don’t forget to “FLUFF, FLUFF FLUFF.”


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