Toothless Senior Chihuahua Dog Scares Coyote

Paco is a dog that would make Gran Torino‘s Clint Eastwood proud.

The 18-year-old, toothless Chihuahua basically told a coyote to get off his lawn this week.

According to KOB4, a coyote wandered onto the Paco’s property in Pasco County, Florida, where he shares a home with his owner T.J. Jones.

Instead of hiding from the large carnivore, the spunky pup marched over to the coyote and gave the animal a piece of his mind. A security camera outside the home caught the entire exchange. In the footage, brave Paco is seen standing up the wild animal five times his size and barking at the intruder until Jones comes out of the house and scares the coyote away.

“He’s always had the big mouth and had the brawn behind him,” Jones said of his furry best friend.

Paco has a sweet side too according to his owner, “He’s 18. He doesn’t have a tooth in his head. He’s a little sweetheart. He was my Dad’s dog. I’d lose it if I lost him.”

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Jones hopes sharing his story is a reminder to pet owners to keep an eye on their animals when they are outside, especially if you live in an area where predators have been spotted.

“They’re out there and people have a lot of small dogs. He got lucky,” Jones added. “I don’t want to see something bad happen to someone else’s dog.”

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