Shelter Dog Mother 11 Puppies Saved Delivered Christmas Eve

A hound dog mix named Lola originating from a high kill shelter in Mississippi had a rough 2017. Homeless and pregnant, the stray’s litter was due to be aborted but fortunately the whole family was saved by GO RESCUE Pet Adoption Center.

WTKR News 3 reports that the mama dog gave birth on Christmas Eve to a healthy pack of puppies — 11 little dogs to be exact! The Mississippi shelter planned to abort her puppies, which is often protocol in an area lacking in demand for pet adoption. Luckily the Virginia Beach rescue intervened.

“Their policy with pregnant dogs is to abort them due to lack of homes,” said Georgia Obenaus, the founder of GO RESCUE Pet Adoption Center.

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The pups will stay with their mama past New Year’s Eve, nursing with her for about eight weeks. The staff at GO RESCUE isn’t sure what breed the father was, so it’s unknown what the puppies will ultimately look like — but they sure are adorable right now! Check out their family photo album on Facebook.

And one thing is for certain: Lola and her babies are going to have a much happier 2018, hopefully in loving forever homes.


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