10 Pets You Should Never Trust With Your Christmas Tree

Christmas has come around again, and for most people it’s a joyous and happy holiday. And it’s a holiday that traditionally many celebrate with the addition of a beautifully decked-out tree.

Of course, this tree does require some maintenance — if you have a live tree and you don’t water it, for example, it’s a safe bet that by Christmas it will be a dead husk.

Other people have to do a bit more than water their trees, especially if they have pets.

Some pets are completely trustworthy around the temporary tree, but others … not so much. In fact, there are some pets who shouldn’t be trusted with a twig, let alone a tree.

Here are 10 pets you absolutely can’t trust anywhere near a Christmas tree.

1. These cats feel no shame in toppling their tree.

2. This bulldog’s humans got wise this year and just fenced off the entire tree area. The dog looks quite annoyed at having his nefarious plans thwarted.

3. This house has 2 plotting cats and 1 hapless tree. I hate to say it, but the way those cats are plotting, my money is on their victory.

4. When you get caught destroying the tree, always use the window as your first escape route.

5. This cat’s folks are so fed up, they didn’t even get a tree this year.

6. She’s not even sorry.

7. It’s hard to imagine how one little cat could cause so much destruction, but she looks pretty proud of herself.

8. The face your dog makes because she knows she’s adorable and no matter what, there’s still going to be presents with her name on them this year.

9. When you’re so intent on destruction that you fail to notice Mom behind you with her camera.

10. The expression on this dog’s face tells it all. As soon as her human walks away, that tree is history. “Make me wear this stupid headband? My revenge will be swift.”

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