DIY: How to Make This Cute S’mores Costume for Your Dog

I like how the “marshmallow” appears to ooze out from the crackers. Photos by Kirsten Peek/Petful

Halloween is a great time to test your creativity and make the perfect costume for your pet.

I get festive with my pets each year, with costumes ranging from cute to scary. This year, I decided to make a S’mores costume for my dog, Flea. Follow these steps to replicate this DIY project. There’s still time!


  • Scissors
  • Cardboard box
  • White fabric (I used an old T-shirt)
  • Marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Brown fabric (optional)
You probably have most of these supplies already. You’ll also need a hot glue gun.


1. Prepare your materials.

Start by cutting the sides off the box until you have 2 squares set aside. Cut the fabric into strips while you heat up the hot glue gun.

2. Decorate the cardboard squares.

If you are recycling a box like I was, use the blank side of the 2 cardboard squares you created. Draw a dashed line down the center of each square, and add rows of 2 dots on each side of the dashed line. This should start to look like a graham cracker.

The cardboard “graham crackers” are so cute!

3. Connect the graham crackers.

Using the white fabric strips you prepared earlier, hot glue straps to the inside of the cardboard box squares. Make sure your glue dries and cools completely before placing it on your pet to check the size. I added 2 straps, but you can add more if desired.

To add to the appearance of a Hershey bar in the center, you can use brown fabric to make your strips.

If you would like to make the costume more secure, loop an additional strip around the strap that will be closest to your dog’s neck. You can slip your dog’s collar through this strip so the costume will stay on.

4. Add marshmallow filling.

Hot glue strips of the white fabric you prepared earlier to the outside of the graham crackers. The “marshmallow” filling should appear to ooze over the dots on the graham crackers.

Straps and marshmallow attached.

5. Try the costume on your pup.

Once the hot glue has completely dried and cooled, place the outfit on your dog’s back. If you added an additional loop of fabric to the top strap in Step 3, loop your dog’s collar through and readjust the placement of the costume. Your pup should look like a S’more!

For safety, always supervise your pet when using DIY costumes or toys. Here are a few more important Halloween safety tips for pets in costume.

* * *

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