Stranded Dogs in Boat Saved from Flood Waters

It was a photo that upset many: two dogs peeking helplessly out of a boat surrounded by flood waters.

The pair of pups were left behind to brave the ravages of Hurricane Harvey — which has now been downgraded to a tropical storm as it continues to dump rain on the Houston area — alone.

CNN reporter Ed Lavandera captured the shot of the stranded canine comrades on Monday and posted it to his Instagram account.

“Two dogs left behind in a boat. Sadly a family had to evacuate their flooded neighborhood in Dickinson, #Texas without their dogs. Hope they’re ok. #houston,” Lavandera wrote along with the heart-wrenching photo.

The reporter no longer has to wonder. A day later, on Tuesday, he gladly received an update from a volunteer rescuer in Dickinson. The dogs, who are named Frankie and Bear, had been rescued thanks to a dedicated group of first responders and locals.

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“Frankie & Bear are safe. The two dogs we saw sitting in a boat in a flooded neighborhood have been rescued! A combination of volunteer rescuers and friends pitched in to save the day,” Lavandera shared in a follow-up Instagram post which features a shot of the dogs sitting in the safety of a rescue boat.

According to the rescuer who updated Lavandera, Frankie and Bear’s family was forced to leave the pair behind because the dogs were not allowed in the rescue boat that picked up the owners.

Left to make a quick decision, the family decided to place the dogs in their boat, figuring it would be the safest place for the canines until they could be rescued as well.

Now, back on dry land, Frankie and Bear are being cared for by volunteers until they can be reunited with their pet parents.

This is just one of many happy endings coming out of the Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts. Read more amazing stories and learn about how you can help, here.

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