Incredibly Curly-Haired Kitten Becomes Social Media Star

The tweet that set off shockwaves in the cat lover community. By: meanpIastic

A cute, curly-haired, orange kitten became an instant sensation on Twitter after a photo was posted with the caption “I’ve never seen a cat with curls until now.”

The response was unbelievable — thousands of fans retweeted and thousands more liked the photo. Talk about celebrity status!

This Twitter star is actually a rare breed of cat known as the Selkirk rex, a breed with an interesting history.

Thirty years ago, a curly-haired kitten was born in a shelter in Montana. The only curly-haired beauty out of a litter of 4, she was adopted by Persian cat breeder Jeri Newman, who named the curly cutie “Miss DePesto,” after a character on the television show Moonlighting.

Newman bred the unique cat with one of her black males, and Miss DePesto gave birth to 6 kittens — 3 straight-haired and 3 curly-haired — an indication that curly hair is a dominant trait. Jeri called this new cat breed the Selkirk rex, in honor of her stepfather.

5-month-old Selkirk rex kitten. By: Eric Isselee

The Twitter share-a-thon inspired many other proud Selkirk rex parents to share photos of their own curly-haired felines.

Instagram fans joined in the fun, too. One playful user wrote, “When you got that natural purrm.”

The Selkirk rex breed is considered to be a great cat for families — the cats are typically loving and friendly.

Sources: Daily Mail, People

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