New York Woman Leaves $300,000 to Two Cats

These kitties are rolling in kibble.

A Bronx, New York, widow recently died and left $300,000 to her two cats, Troy and Tiger, reports the New York Post.

The late Ellen Frey-Wouters wrote in her will that the large sum should be used to care for the kitties and keep them from ever ending up in a cage.

It is a rag to riches story for Tiger, who was living on the street before Frey-Wouters adopted him. Now, he enjoys fine foods, a silk-lined bed and a bank account bigger than most humans.

“He deserves it,” Dahlia Grizzle, the former home health aide to Frey-Wouters, told the New York Post. “He’s a wonderful cat.”

Grizzle is now caring for Tiger, who, along with Troy, was like a child to his late owner.

While Frey-Wouters’ aides understand the woman’s choice, her lawyer was skeptical at first.

“I said I didn’t think, you know, $300,000 was necessary,” Frey-Wouters’ lawyer Irwin Fingerit said.

But the widow “insisted,” and now the felines are rolling in dough.

Frey-Wouters split the rest of her $3 million estate between her home health aides, charities and her lawyer. If Troy and Tiger both die before the fund runs out, the remainder of the $300,000 will go to Frey-Wouters’ sister in the Netherlands.

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