Dog Owner Adds Puppy to Lion King Intro Replaces Simba Video

The 1994 release of The Lion King brought with it many gifts, one of the most important being the Baby Simba Lift.

This is the moment of the film where Rafiki introduces the newest joy of the lion pride to all of the animal kingdom, holding the newborn cub aloft for all to gaze upon in wonder. It looks something like this:

While the Baby Simba Lift — or BSL, as some call it — can be used on human babies, bags of chips, new presents (really anything, you’re strong enough to lift over your head with pizzazz), it is truly a gift to pet owners. One man, who must also be a massive Lion King aficionado, recently took the gag farther than most pet parents.

Instead of executing a BSL with his new puppy in front of his friends and family for laughs, Andy Camera created a beautifully-edited Instagram masterpiece that reworks the entire opening of Lion King to make his pup Charlie Kelly the star in place of Simba.

Not surprisingly, the Internet is loving it and Charlie has already surpassed his owner in Instagram followers, even though his account is just a few days old.

According to BuzzFeed, Camera created the video with a little help from Google and a homemade green screen. After patiently waiting to get the Groodle (golden retriever + Poodle) until he could be a responsible pet owner, Camera created the humorous clip in celebration of Charlie Kelly finally coming home.

The puppy is named after Charlie Day’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia character and can be followed on Instagram @charliekellygroodle.

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