10 Pets Who Are Aces at Pretending Everything Is Fine (It’s Not!)

There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting yourself stuck in a compromising situation and having someone walk in.

Sometimes you can laugh it off. Sometimes you have to close your eyes and laugh. Sometimes all you can do is beg for mercy (and help.) No matter how you choose to play it, you know you’re never going to hear the end of it.

Pets — like us — get themselves in some screwy situations when we’re not looking. And these guys intend to play it off like nothing is wrong to the very end.

1. He’s not stuck; he’s just giving the dishes one final going over before Mom puts them away. Honest.

2. Do you ever have the horrifying realization that you really are just too fat for that outfit? And that you’re not getting it off without some help? This hedgie can relate.

3. “What? It’s a head rest, and I’m resting my head!”

4. This kitten isn’t stuck; she’s just waving hello. From a … really unique hiding spot.

By: Paperkut

5. This cat dares you to try and help him out.

By: spiritinaphotograph

6. She isn’t stuck; she’s looking for that rhinestone collar she just bought at Claire’s. Because she understands the importance of wearing just the right accessories.

7. To defeat the baby gate, you must become one with the baby gate. Once you do, nothing can stand in your way.

8. Let’s be honest here. Which one do you think ate the cookies?

9. She isn’t stuck; this is her favorite place to sleep!

10. This, my friends, is the face of the utter betrayal.

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