Yoda the Kinkalow Cat on Instagram

Have you ever met a Kinkalow? Well, you are about to.

Yoda is one of the kitties that belong to this newer breed of feline. Kinkalows are a cross between Munchkin cats and American curls, giving them a truly unique look.

Kinkalows like Yoda are small with short, little legs and ears that curl back at the tips. It’s this look that is helping Yoda land an impressive amount of Instagram followers. So far, he has over 17,000 on his account @yodathekinkalow.

Here, fans can enjoy his daily shenanigans which includes trying on costumes, going for walks and just being too adorable to handle.

While his stubby paws and Yoda-like ears make people stop, stare and take photos, it’s his personality that ends up winning people over in the end.

Yoda is very social loves to be around people, constantly following us. Loves to meow while I’m in the kitchen if I’m making myself food, which he thinks is for himself,” his owner, Caitlin Williams told PEOPLE. 

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He has made and especially strong impression on his mom, who used to think she wanted a puppy before meeting the feline for the first time.

Yoda has changed my life in the best way possible. Every time I come home I always call his name so I can pick him up and snuggle him. I’ve had this random occurrence happen to me in my life where my cat is popular,” Williams shared.

“Never a dull moment. I mean, I have Joe Jonas following my cat on his Instagram … who can say that?”

Even with Joe Jonas watching his every move online, Yoda doesn’t let his fame get in the way of what he loves most: playing catch with his mom.

Yoda loves his long stick that has a blue fuzzy ball on the end of it with a bell,” Williams said. “I literally run down the hallway then flick the fuzzy ball up in the air and he jumps up like a flying squirrel to try and get it. It’s the funniest thing to watch.” 

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