Cat and Dog Good Hair Day Gifs

It can be hard to get the hair on your head to do what you want. Now, imagine having hair all over.

Pets deal with this everyday, which can make having a perfect hair day difficult.

But through a mix of genetics, general cuteness, grooming, licking and shaking, they manage. In fact, sometimes their fur looks so on point, we’re tempted to ask for a few style tips.

Since good hair days are fleeting, beautiful, precious things. We wanted to collect some of the finest fluffy looks we could find, so they can live on forever, and continue to inspire.

Having a little help goes a long way

And don’t forget the finishing touches

A good shake can also heighten a look

Always remember to take a slo-mo shot of any good hair day for Instagram 

This kitten is modeling what a full body good hair day looks like 

Going for a bold new style can be a big win 

So can being confident about whatever hair you have 

But wigs are always a great way to spice it up

Whatever you choose, we hope you have many happy hair days ahead 



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