Friendly Dog with 'Rotted' Leg Found Tied Up and Abandoned in Virginia

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) had to share a sad message with its “FB Family” on Wednesday.

According to the Virginia facility’s Facebook post, the shelter found a 7-year-old neutered male pit bull tied the porch of an abandoned house. Worse yet, the former pet had a horrible injury.

“We found him with a severely injured back leg that had been untreated for some time; the leg had essentially rotted while still attached by the bone,” the facility wrote in its post, featuring a shot of the sad-eyed dog.

“Needless to say, our officers are working hard to find the person responsible for causing this dog so much pain,” the shelter added. “Incredible donors through our RACC Foundation have offered a reward of $1,000 to anyone that can provide information that will lead to a conviction.”

While RACC works to find justice for this innocent, abused and discarded dog, the organization is also doing what it can to help him now.

The canine, who has been given the name Rusty, had his injured leg amputated in order to end the suffering he was experiencing, reports AOL.

Even though he was likely abandoned by his former owner is his time of need, Rusty has maintained a sweet, friendly and kind personality throughout his traumatic journey.

And his new, happier chapter is already underway. According to WTVR, Rusty will be available for adoption on Friday and is sure to be snapped up soon into a loving home. You can apply to adopt Rusty on the RACC website.

For those who might have information on who abandoned the injured dog, call RACC at 804-646-5584.


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