Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney-Schwartz Knows Her Dogs Are the 'Unsung Heroes' of the Show

“They are like the unsung heroes of the show, right?” Vanderpump Rules‘ Katie Maloney-Schwartz asks PeopleTV.

We’re sure animal lovers who watch the show would say “Yes!”

Gordo and Butter are two big personalities wrapped in small, fluffy packages. Gordo adores belly rubs and isn’t afraid to demand more. Butter is little more of a gentle, silly mush.

“These two are really like having babies, and they’ve really made us a family,” Maloney-Schwartz says of her and husband Tom Schwartz’s dog duo.

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With things going so well, does that mean the couple will be getting even more canines? The famous dog mom says no, at least not until she and Tom get a bigger place. Which means Gordo and Butter, who adore the cameras, will continue to get the same amount of spoiling that they are used to.


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