Energetic Pup Is Returned to Shelter 5 Times Before Finding Calling as Police Dog

There is a home for every type of dog, sometimes it’s just harder to find.

Energetic Ruby went through four failed adoptions — after her original owner surrendered her  — before finally getting connected with the perfect owner. The excitable pup was originally brought in due to her “generally unmanageable” personality, but the director of operations at Rhode Island Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Joseph Warzycha, saw something in Ruby that others didn’t. Warzycha said,

“If we could somehow channel that high energy and put it to good use,” Warzycha told PeopleTV’s Paws & Claws, Ruby had great potential.

“After the fifth time we would be assuming too much liability if we were to place this dog into the average home,” Warzycha said.

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Luckily, his past work as a police officer gave him some insight into a job that might be perfect for the energetic pup. “I had worked with and seen working dogs before so I had some general idea what they look for when they look for a police dog. Ruby demonstrated those qualities.”

Trooper Daniel O’Neil of the Rhode Island State Police Office took Ruby into his care, and although their initial relationship started out rocky (with Ruby trying to demonstrate her alpha status), after 6 months of intense training, O’Neil said, “She really came into her own.”

Ruby has certainly found her calling as a police dog. She works with O’Neil, who admits, “She keeps me motivated to come to work.”

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The energetic pooch found a way to use all her energy for good. O’Neil said, “She wants to jump in the cruiser so bad. She brings a little humility to a very negative environment. When you have a dog that has that emotion of pure love, it is really tough to be in a bad mood. She just wants to be with you.”

Now Ruby works alongside police officers as a K9 officer. Once Ruby retires, O’Neil will be able to keep her as his own pet.

“Certain dogs come into the shelter and for whatever particular reason, you get attached,” Warzycha confessed. “Ruby is one of those dogs for me.”

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