Two Little Lynx Kittens Plan to Snuggle Their Summer Away at English Zoo

Remember when you were in grade school and summer meant roughly three months of freedom from the few responsibilities you had?

These lynx kittens are your 10-year-old self’s spirt animals.

The twin Eurasian lynx cubs were born at England’s Newquay Zoo on May 21. Since then, the duo has been kept at the facility’s lynx house away from public viewing so they can bond with mom and each other.

Looks like bonding time is off to a fast and furry start. The newborns have spent the past month cuddling, playing and just being so adorable it could melt your mind if you stare at these sweet photos filled with little lynx smiles for too long.

Both the of the cubs, their mom Kicsi, dad Boomer, and older sister Tink are all adjusting well to having a full house — the Newquay Zoo is quite pleased, too.

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“I’m over the moon that Kicsi and Boomer have had two new little ones. I’d suspected she was pregnant for a while, so when she stopped appearing for food I thought it was a sign that she was guarding something – and as it turned out she was in fact guarding two little kittens,” Newquay Zoo’s Senior Carnivore Keeper, Mike Downman, said in a statement.

The zoo is keeping a close eye on the family, but also giving the animals their space, so the sex of the twins has not yet been confirmed.

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