Woman's Gender Reveal Trick Photo Shoot Surprises with Something Even Sweeter: New Puppy Pictures!

Spoiler: It’s a girl!

Pregnancy announcements, baby showers, gender reveals, birth videos — who says human babies deserve all the multi-media attention? As of late, an adorable and sometimes shocking and hilarious trend has given people the giggles and vicarious thrills of becoming a new pet parent.

Take, for example, this photo shoot planned by Texas-based photographer Carlye Allen and her friend Joy Stone. According to Bored Panda, Joy and her husband Bryan had been searching for the perfect furry new addition to their family for a while and hadn’t had much luck.

Then fate intervened via Facebook. Allen tells Bored Panda that another friend of hers posted to the social media site about a puppy and its four siblings she’d discovered near some railroad tracks.

“I forwarded it to my friend . It was love at first sight,” says Allen. Although Stone was ecstatic over the little pup, she thought it would be more fun to keep it a surprise for her husband. The two women drove hours to coordinate the puppy pickup, eventually getting the cutie and naming her “Rey” in celebration of the latest female Star Wars hero.

The tiny pupper caught Stone’s husband Brady completely by surprise, but once he regained his composure, the new dog dad joined the ladies in planning the silly but beautiful gender reveal shoot.

Although Allen is a new photographer, she says the shoot was not hard and only took about 15 minutes. “The emotion captured between the puppy and Joy was not prompted. Joy was excited to have a new companion, and the puppy was excited to have a new mom,” the sweetly scheming shutterbug tells Bored Panda.

The shoot went unexpectedly (really? seemed like a sure thing to us!) viral with more than 70,000 shares to date, so the two friends decided to milk all the cuteness for a good cause.

They’ve partnered with a local shelter, and will be hosting “Doggie and Me” mini sessions in June that are donation-based. All proceeds will benefit the shelter, and they are trying to get other photographers on board with their mission to make a difference in the lives of rescue pets.

“The past couple of days have been overwhelmingly joyful,” says Allen in a Facebook post featuring even more pics of the little ruffer named Rey. “We never expected quite the response from our impromptu puppy reveal. You guys have lifted our spirits, and I am so happy to have been able to help spread a little joy over the past few days.”

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