Dog Rescued from Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pueblo, Colorado

Gidget the 2-year-old English mastiff was not hanging ten with her “Moondoggie” friend, a walker coonhound named Buddy, on Monday when the Pueblo West Fire Crew found her stuck in the stinky muck of a wastewater treatment plant six miles from her home.

The Associated Press reports that the young dog was led astray by her canine friend who helped her escape from her house in Pueblo West, Colorado, on Sunday night. Unfortunately Buddy returned home — muddy and wet — without Gidget in tow.

“We have a hound dog that likes to play escape artist with the front door,” said owner Mandi Smith. “When he gets out, Gidget, of course, follows.”

While Smith set out in search of her missing pup, an employee at a wastewater treatment plant heard Gidget barking. The man, Tony Campbell, discovered Gidget, coated in excrement, at the edge of the aeration pond, but it was unsafe for him to go in and try to save her himself. Nothing is able to the float in this mire, not even a boat, according to Pueblo West Fire Division Chief Brad Davidson.

Eventually, local fire crews managed to reach the dog with a ladder. She was soon hosed down and handed over to Pueblo Animal Services. The shelter staff reportedly “loved” her and gave Gidget two decontamination baths before finally reuniting the formerly poopy pup with her family, including her partner-in-crime, Buddy.

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“Gidget is just ecstatic to be home,” reports Smith. “They have gotten so many baths and they still smell.”

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