Bert the Bowtie Wearing Pomeranian Is the Cutest Art Gallery Employee Ever

Understanding art can seem like a daunting task for some, but puppies are something that almost everyone can get behind.

Kathy Grayson, owner and curator of The Hole art gallery in New York City, has found that bringing her dog Bert to work has made art more accessible for others.

“Some people come here to buy a painting, some people will come to look at a painting and then some people come to pet Bert,” Grayson told PeopleTV’s Paws and Claws about what draws visitors to The Hole.

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The Pomeranian, who often comes to “work” wearing a bowtie, likes to help his mom by making her gallery a “friendlier” place and even attempting to sell a painting or two.

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Bert is an ideal employee because he is not only adorable and sweet, but also calm, cool, collected and patient.

For those who can’t make it to The Hole to see Bert in action, you can get all highlights from his arty and arf-filled life on his Instagram account, which has over 83,000 followers.

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