Cat Catches Snowball Twitter Video

In case you hadn’t heard, the U.K. is experiencing some of the most bitterly cold weather conditions in 27 years. And while some Brits and their pets are hiding indoors, huddled by the fireplace, one fierce kitty is showing off his playful prowess to the world.

His name is Amuse Bouche (“Bouche” or “Boo” for short), and we’re glad to see he’s keeping that feeling of Winter Olympic glory alive in South London — and on social media. Bouche has certainly proven that black-and-white cats can jump:

The 3-year-old cat’s owner, Katie Brown, tells PEOPLE she adopted this superstar as a kitten.

“He likes playing in general, especially in the snow and ESPECIALLY at night,” says Brown. “So he constantly wakes us up to be let out of the bedroom window (we live in a ground floor flat).”

You see? That’s some serious commitment to a sport.

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Brown says that Bouche has an adopted baby sister kitty named Hoki who is two years old and all-black. The dynamic duo like to keep active (and warm!) by playing together.

“They both like to play catch and fetch. Bouche is also a massive softy and loves being picked up and carried,” says Brown.

She does point out, however, that he doesn’t like when his sister gets more attention than him — but considering his original Twitter video has over 575K views, 19K likes and nearly 8K retweets (and counting), and a subsequent clip of Bouche clobbering snowballs with his monster mittens has over 76K views, we have a feeling he has nothing to worry about on the publicity front.

Luckily, Bouche is a confident cat with a warm and altruistic heart despite his obsession with dark, cold and snowy nights. He even requested that humans who find themselves delighted by his sporty feline antics consider donating to the Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue, a volunteer-run charity that does incredible work on behalf of all sorts of animals.

Amuse Bouche: The hero we need, but don’t deserve.

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