10 Pets Who Are Aces at Hiding From Life

We all have those moments when we just wish we could hide from the world.

Maybe it has been a bad day. Maybe it’s freezing outside. Maybe you just completely embarrassed yourself by simultaneously choking on your own spit and tripping on thin air in front of your crush and you’re pretty sure he’s never going to look at you again.

Not that I’d know about that.

But there sure are times when hiding from the world seems like a good idea, and these 10 pets are aces at it. If you need me, I’ll be studying them to see how it’s done.

1. This little pup likes the blanket trick. The benefit to hiding under a blanket is that you get to stay warm, but the downside is that someone could come along and sit on you.

2. This pair of lizards is nailing it by hiding in plain sight. Not sure if I have the camo skills to pull this one off.

3. Unfortunately, this hidden cat got caught out by eyeshine. But he does get the win on “intimidation.”

4. I can attest that the whole “If I can’t see them, they can’t see me” thing is bogus. Sorry, pup.

5. This brilliant cat is using the power of sunlight and subsequent blindness to ensure you don’t see him.

6. A genius pig adding a whole new (and much better) meaning to “pig in a blanket.”

7. The face you make when you’re hiding, see your archenemy walk by, and have to decide whether to remain hidden or get them with the surprise attack.

8. When you peek out to see if the coast is clear, or if you have to resign yourself to spending the rest of your life living under an alias.

9. Actually, this would have been an excellent hiding spot … if not for that blasted sun giving it all away.

10. When you’re in hiding, it’s important to leave a nose hole. Or a snout hole. Or, well, just make sure you can breathe.

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