Dog Jumping on Trampoline Video

“I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never going to keep me down” … unless you have a camera.

Over the weekend, Twitter user @PendleburyErik shared a video that is short, but earth-shattering.

He captured his dog having a solo bounce session on the trampoline in his backyard.

“Just know I woke up n found my dog doing this……,” @PendleburyErik wrote along with the clip of the pogo-ing pup.

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The moment is beautiful, glee-filled, high-flying and goofy as all get-out, but, unfortunately it is also brief.

As if sensing that the camera is trained on its shenanigans, the dog stops jumping shortly after the video starts, staring off into the distance as if it wasn’t just doing the most adorable thing ever.

Come clean, canine! We love your bouncy ways, and Twitter agrees.

It makes you wonder what your pet is up to when you are sleeping or after you hustle out the door for work each day. They could have a whole elaborate Cirque Du Soleil-inspired act you don’t even know about. Or maybe they just spend those eight hours napping, licking their paws and scratching their ears.

Guess you will need to install a secret nanny cam to figure it out.


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