Dog Left at Florida Gas Station in 90 Degree Heat

Wawa is one of the lucky ones.

The adorable pit bull mix was abandoned outside a Florida Wawa gas station on Wednesday afternoon in a cage equipped with food and water. According to ABC Action News, who first reported the story, customers spotted the dog at the side of the building, sitting in the 90 degree heat.

The store’s manager called Hillsborough County Pet Resources, who sent an animal control officer to the rescue, the shelter says. The pup, now named Wawa, is currently being cared for at the shelter, who estimates he may have been outside in the heat for no longer than an hour or so.

“The dog appears to be in good health and looks to have been well taken care [of],” a representative for Hillsborough County Pet Resources tells PEOPLE. “No issues that the vet staff found. However, he did not have any ID tags and was not microchipped.”

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Although timid at first, Wawa is friendly and is becoming more affectionate. “He’s been wagging his tail a lot and loves a good ear scratch,” the shelter says.

The pup has to go through a full veterinary examination before he can be adopted out to a forever home. The shelter is currently at capacity, so if you’re interested in adopting Wawa or any of their other available pets, visit their website.

For updates on Wawa, follow their Facebook page. 


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