Contest! What Makes Your Pet Your Best Friend?

Leave a comment below and tell us: Why is your pet your bestie? By: Woottigon Angworakul

It’s June already!

That means cookouts, lazy summer days and spending time with friends — including the 4-legged ones. June 8 is Best Friends Day, and here at Petful we’d like to celebrate our BFFs: our pets.

Our pets are there no matter what kind of day we’re having, and they always manage to cheer us up with their antics. This month, we’re wondering what makes your pet your best friend:

  • Is she an avid listener when you need to vent?
  • Does he clown around when you need the laugh?
  • Does she inspire and motivate you?

My cat is my best friend because he’s always there for me and totally doesn’t judge. I never have to dress to impress, panic about a zit or try desperately to be engaging.

My cat loves me for who I am!

Other readers share what makes their pet their best friend:

  • “My good ol’ girl, black Lab Misty is always happy to see me — just pure, sweet love. She has arthritis and is 11, but she always gets excited when I ask if she wants to go for a walk or a ride. This ol’ gal reminds me to live in the moment and appreciate the small important things, like air, food, water (to drink and to wade in), the wonder of the woods and other creatures. And she goes to bed early, like me. She is truly one of my best friends.” —Peggy, MA
  • “So many things, always happy when you walk in the door — not just happy but ecstatic. My dogs are old, too, and they snuggle and have their own special way of connecting to me. They love car rides and exploring their yard and lying in the sun. They keep me grounded to enjoy the true blessings, and they love unconditionally.” —Betsie, N.C.

What is it that makes your pet your best friend?

Let us know by June 23, 2017 at midnight EST and you could win Petful’s June contest! The winner will get a Petful T-shirt plus a $100 donation to the nonprofit animal charity of his or her choice.

So let’s start the feels and hear those stories! Just scroll down and leave your comment below.

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